Letter To The Broken.
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Letter series #1

Letter To The Broken.

by shadowedechoes

Dear Broken,

I'm sorry for the pain you feel, for everything that's gone wrong and everything that ever will.

I'm sorry,

There's nothing I can do. Nothing except love you. And sometimes, I know it's just not enough.

Life in general is hard,

It's an endless fight and we're just going around in circles. But the Broken are the ones who have always seemed the strongest to me.

You keep getting back up,

Despite the punches, Despite the words, Despite everything.

I don't understand,

I can't relate to everything. But I've been broken before. I'm broken now. But I still get up.

Don't stop trying,

Don't give up. There are so many possibilities, so much more to life.

Your brokenness doesn't define you,

What you do with it and how you handle it does. So believe in yourself and don't look back. Look ahead and see that you are becoming stronger.


Someone like you.

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