6 Slides about Rey Holmes
6 Slides about Rey Holmes stories

shadowedechoesWriter, introvert, music lover,
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6 Slides about Rey Holmes

by shadowedechoes

I grew up in NC.

Growing up here was interesting because of the people I've met.

In my spare time I write.

I initially got into this because of my best friend.

My proudest moment was when

I won NaNoWriMo 2015.

My dream is to become the next Steven Moffat.

I want to do this because Doctor Who is awesome and I want to create something people will see, and love, and remember.

Now, I am a homeschooled High School student.

I don't do anything worth talking about, really..

I'm looking forward to College.

I'm excited about this because It will allow me to move away from home, challenge myself, experience life at a deeper level, and allow me to study a new branch of what I'm passionate about..

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