Wait, What!?!
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Thank you so much my lovely Mysterians for 3000+ followers! You have made me so happy! I love you!

Wait, What!?!

I have 3000+ followers!

I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me! I am exceedingly thankful for your love and support!

I am truly humbled that my writing matters to somebody, whether you are the ones who leave a kind comment or the secret ninja readers who wish to remain silent. All of you bring so much joy to my heart!

It can happen to you too! Yes, you! Post often, read, like, and comment other people's posts, hashtag your posts appropriately, stay as active in the community as possible, and make friends.

It takes lots of time, work, and commitment. Be patient, but most importantly, have fun! The likes and follows will come naturally. All in good time.

But ultimately, you are the reason for my successes, each and every one of you is a beautiful soul and you are amazing! Your friendships are a blessing and a treasure to me! You are my extended family!

You chose to take the time to read and like my pieces when you could have easily opted to read someone else's, which is something that I never take lightly.

Thank you and I love you 3000+ times and beyond! I could never ever have gotten this far without you!

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