Up Above The World So High
Up Above The World So High thoughts stories

shadowdream Gen X Writer, Artist, Christian, Taken
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A lighthearted piece about letting your problems melt away and drift into space. This picture is my own.

Up Above The World So High

Far from the tangled webs of doom and chaos I walk near the heavens with my eyes fixed to the azure sky

A millstone of problems tied to my neck with barbed wire Becomes a child's red balloon that floats away to meet the stars

Thick, fluffy clouds of white are dispatched from God They ward off the bat-winged harpies that hunger and thirst for my lifeforce

The sweet fresh air I breath relieves the heavy weight pressed inward on my heart Liberating my restless spirit as it wanders through Elysian Fields

I laugh while playing hide and seek with the furry animals I fellowship with A flying narwhal emerges from the treetops and holds out his wing to give me an orange

The narwhal waves goodbye for now before he assimilates back into the seas of sunset My soul is recharged as it sings praises to my Savior

There is room up here for everyone wanting haven from society's horror show below Where Heaven interlaces with earth in recherché patterns of splendid simplicity

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