Paradise Behind My Face
Paradise Behind My Face contest stories

shadowdream Gen Xer #friendswithoutborders🥥
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For @stargazer_ 's contest, for the prompt: Inside My Eyelids.

Paradise Behind My Face

Inside my eyelids I will never taste the hemlock tears of your betrayal

Drunk from a gold chalice fashioned by brokenness Wine fermented from black grapes of love that failed

I am closed off from the harsh realities of loneliness As we instead hold each other close, souls merge

Our bodies sway rhythmically on a rainbow's edge Hope's love song adorns our inner galaxy where passions converge

In this romance novel make-believe land, your love for me shines With sweet honeysuckle whispers of eternal felicity

Where lips caress each other like a butterfly's waltz Oblivious of an outer material world of avarice and duplicity

Soon, the morning will arrive where I open my eyes To find the world around me lifeless and dark

I will leave behind a composite sketch of someone I wished for And a fool's fantasy concocted by a naïve, misguided heart

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