Make Way For The Nativity
Make Way For The Nativity christmas-poetry-2020 stories

shadowdream Gen X Writer, Artist, Christian, Taken
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The birth of Jesus Christ, born on the first Christmas Day. Winner of the Christmas Poetry 2020 Contest.(Won)

Make Way For The Nativity

Make way for Mary Mother pregnant with Child She rode on a donkey Through the desert wild

She ventured to Bethlehem With Joseph by her side The inn had no room A vacancy denied

The innkeeper was moved To spare them a stall Make way for the Virgin To one and to all

Make way for the Wise Men The three came from afar Their steps were guided By a bright shining star

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh Gifts given to the babe Witnesses to a miracle That first Christmas day

Regal and respected In wisdom, stood tall Make way for the Magi To one and to all

Make way for the child Our new born King Let the angels rejoice Let the people sing

Born in humble surroundings For our sins He would die To offer His salvation For you and for I

He saved us from sin The curse of man's fall Make way for the Son To one and to all

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