Here For You
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I've read several good poems about future soulmates and future spouses on Commaful. This one is for my future soulmate. Inspired by the 1974 song "I Can Help" by Billy Swan. ©2020 Michael R.

Here For You

If you're under pitch black water Don't walk in the dark by yourself

Drop that baggage at my feet I'm able-bodied to help

My steely gunship arms Will lift your mountainous burden

I'll slay dragons like a shiny knight As a warrior dad for your children

I'm a bulldog guarding your back Your soldier in a fire war

I may collapse bruised and bloodied But like a dove, you'll always soar

You rule my starry dreams When I sleep soundly at night

I see you, my bandit fox When I hug my pillow so tight

In a vortex of chaos My strength will shelter you

While staring down a fallen world As God's peace shines through

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