Doing My Thing
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shadowdream Gen X Writer, Artist, Christian, Taken
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I am so done with the drama 2020 brought! Out with the old and in with the new! Illustration by me.

Doing My Thing

I'm doing me

Telling my story

Speaking my truth

I am good enough

With my own uniquely-crafted narrative

If you like me, GREAT!

If not, I don't care

Some prefer me, some don't

Just as they are preferred by some over others

That's the way it is

That's life

I won't chase after your acceptance

I tried to be nice to you

But became a loser in the balance

I am so over you

I won't seek the "cool kids"

Because I have become the cool kid

I rejoice in the people God has blessed me with

I rejoice in my friendships

And in each new friendship made along the way

No one can be me better than me

Destination: Moon

Writing and art by Michael @shadowdream

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