Discarded Memory
Discarded Memory comb stories

shadowdream Gen X Writer, Artist, Christian, Taken
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For the Daily Prompt. 90-Day Fiance inspired. A story of Geoffrey and Varya in the bathroom, getting ready in the morning. From Geoffrey's point of view.

Discarded Memory

I use a comb for my mussed-up hair A comb from a previous lady My current love thinks it's trash But her anger doesn't phase me

I think it's just an implement But she takes it away from me It's just a practical tool To her, a lingering memory

I plead my case that it's nothing But it's not what she wants to hear The girl's name was on the comb She might as well be standing here

So we throw the comb away No mountain from this molehill I will sweetly obey my current love May choppy waters be still

©2020 Michael R.

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