Cold Man Of Marble
Cold Man Of Marble marble stories

shadowdream Gen Xer living wild and free
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Inspired by Gordon Gekko from the 1987 movie, Wall Street.
For the daily prompt: Marble.

Cold Man Of Marble

Fake smile painted on his face His exterior was smooth, cool, marble

Skin 22 degrees Celsius to the touch Because his heart was cold as ice

He was once a kind-hearted person Warm and friendly to everyone he met

Kind to his friends and family Until the Gorgon entered his life as a young man

He couldn't resist the seduction of this materialistic Medusa As he stared blindly into her lovely, yet dangerous eyes

Those shiny eyes have turned this man into stone Snakes on her head slithered siren songs of greed and power

He bought and sold the world when he took in a disciple The young pupil studied his teacher's capitalistic ways

Ascending the predatory staircase, the boy also became stone With smooth, cool, marble skin under his expensive suit

Then Junior began to crack, his ethics shone through The neophyte shed his marble outfit to betray his master

His big boss' façade cracked up while in prison Perhaps in time, boss man will find his way back to humanity

His apprentice also did jail time But this young man is now wiser and better from the experience

His skin is healthy from making good choices He is no longer that cold man of marble

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