A Shadow's kiss By Ethan Wolf
A Shadow's kiss 

By Ethan Wolf  hypertexts stories

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A Shadow's kiss By Ethan Wolf

I lay awake in my bed, eyes wide open not knowing what to do to pass the time.

I hear the clock on the wall tick each second that goes by.

Finally my eyes fall heavy and the room gets darker, soon I'm in the world of slumber.

I awake in the a bed of roses were fireflies surround me.

Trees grew everywhere you looked and sounds of the night filled your ears.

Then I hear a sound in the distance, I look to see two glowing eyes in the dark, and the out line of a shadowy figure

Once it see that I've spotted it, it begins to run. "Wait " I shouted as I run after.

I run and run out of curiosity on who or what it might be, but then it came to a stop and vanished.

I turned trying to find were it could have gone.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to find know one,

but then felt another tap to turn once more to see a a tall shadow giggling infont of me.

I stare and smile, all I can think is how amazing this is.

It open it mouth but nothing came out, I don't think he can talk. I gave it my hand and it gave me there's.

I placed its hand on my heart and let it hear the beating, that was my way of showing him I am a friend.

It look at me with a smile and began to walk it gestured for me to fallow. We walk for hours on end, wait to reach our destination.

Then we come across a beautiful lake with glowing flowers around it, the fireflies that were dancing and the night was alive.

It look me in the eyes and signed me to sit

my eye lit up and it could see my expression and it saw I was happy.

It like other happy although it was always so sad.

But then the sky grew bright and the ground began to fade, I look at the shadow in fear

was this the end of a friendship I thought

The shadow look at me and smiled then whispered in my ear " never loose your smile ".

A tear ran down my face as the shadow kissed me softly on the head,

one more look before it faded from my hands.

Soon I awoke in my bed with tears running down my face, just a dream I thought.

I got up to get ready for the day but then find a beautiful rose on the night stand,

I look out my window to see a shadow in the distance waving me goodmorning.

And my smile was brighter than ever

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