Stray-Chapter 1
Stray-Chapter 1 romance stories
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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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A Wattpad story now in Commaful form. A romance/fantasy that goes all over the map in a single, heart wrenching story

Stray-Chapter 1

Annoying commercial voice that interrupts your tv shows all the time:

Hello there!

Looking for a dragon?

Come to the NADRC!

We have all kinds of dragons, waiting for a second chance with a lucky rider with plenty of experience.

Or are you looking to be an aspiring dragon trainer?

What could be more rewarding than earning the trust of a dragon like Vap?

Vap is a two month old dragonette rescued from a fighting facility in North Cocasia.

We have all kinds of dragons here, with all kinds of stories here, waiting for somebody to take them home!

So what are you waiting for?

Come to Nardc today!

Vaps' image is above, if you wish to sponsor his, or other dragons', rehabilitation; click on it!

(A/n. Do not actually. It does nothing for you but zooms you in and out)



I turn my T. V off. I rub my face and groan.

My mother says, while chopping onions on the counter, "Maybe we should see one of those dragon rescues! If nothing happens, then it only cost us the gas. Come on.

It'll be a good experience. "

I stare at her. Her fair appearance often acts as a warning about how annoying she can be.

I sigh, "Let's do it NOW then. "

She pats me on the head and chirps, "Okay. "

We get into our beat up, blue, Dodge truck, the rusty dragon trailer behind us.What? They have trailers to carry dragons in.

We reach the dull building after going down a dull Turkey trail to the center. The walls are solid concrete, and grey. Not one window is visible, besides the one in the iron door.

A fat man sees me and sneers when we go in and try to get some help with finding a dragon. I back up a step, worried about upsetting the man.

He smells of sweat and sour meat, and seems to have soiled hands and his shirt sticks to him and you can see the slick, black hair on his chest.

Then, a cute, willowy boy with raven hair and red eyes steps out. He’s in a suit, and seems to be no older than me.

He grins, perfect white teeth gleaming in the florescent lights, and welcomes me warmly. My future classmates sneer like the fat man under gallons of glitter and makeup.

I guess those girls were slobbering over him, hoping to get in.

The boy smiles shyly and leads me in. My heart is in my ears, and my mouth is bone dry. My mind is going insane, trying to figure this guy out. He shows me the whole facility.

It’s all concrete walls and metal bars thicker than the ancient trees around the parking lot.

I turn red and my face heats up when he leads me into a zone labeled very clearly as restricted. My heart races.

What’s happening? Isn’t this restricted? What’s going to happen in there?

He whispers, voice smooth and breath warm, "This is where the real wild things are. "

He takes my hand. Woah woah! I stare at my hand that's intertwined in his. He gives me his jacket. I’m so confused, my heart is galloping, and my brain wants to scream.

I nearly start shaking in shock, my heart is near the point of stopping, and my brain is stalled right out on this guy.

He puts my hand against some glass and backs away. I'm watching him, not the dragons. They all are staring at me when I turn around. They seem to not know what to make of me.

I back up and the one smiles. They all have the signs of abuse.

Hunched shoulders, fearful or missing eyes, broken, missing, and dull scales, missing limbs, and battle scars to end battle scars.

The smiling dragon is a huge light dragon with no wings.

They were cut out. They made a clean job, at least. His body is scared and he’s missing the majority of his light coloured scales. The rest look infected underneath.

The puss is breaking the scales into pieces and oozing out onto the floor. It’ll take a long time to clean it all up, because the puss is just a steady stream out of every inch of the dragon.

The man hands me an application for a job. He whispers, "Perso Rider. I can tell you'd be perfect for the job. " Of course. I should have recognized what he was doing.

Persos’ can read your personality, but Persos' have a bad habit of being a little too through with their searches to get you to listen. However, he seems like he actually likes me.

He winks and takes the form back. What? I look down. When did I fill that out??? My brain spins as I stare at him. I set my jaw and find myself speechless.

He reads it and shakes my hand. He tells me to follow him. I ask, barely keeping up, "Don't you need to show your boss that? "

He purrs, giddy "I am the boss. "

Oh boy. Okay. He smiles at me and I follow him into his office. Wait. His. Office?

No no no no. He hands me a uniform. It’s a simple cevlar body suit that has NADRC on the left chest and back.

He waves me off. I nearly get out of his hyper organized office, and just take one step out. That is, until an alarm sounds.

His eyes go dark and I follow him out of the office with an embarrassed face.

The employees are all smirking.

Eewwws! NO NO NO! I did not... Errr! I shudder at the thought of that happening. Why do they assume that?

I never noticed I just got onto his light grey dragon. She’s sleek and built for speed. Why am I so easy to distract?

We take off out of the loading docks and soon we're at some little shack. It’s rotting, and covered in moss. It smells like death, and looks worse.

Big guys and girls barge it and I go in at the back with Mr. Boss man.

Looking again, he looks like the mad doctor from Batman Beginnings.

The one in the mental facility. Doctor Crane. He sounds like him too! Oi.

This just got...

OH MY GOODNESS! I stop cold.

The man grabs my hand, and my blonde side bangs fall into my face. He looks serious.

I feel like my heart is going to explode and I’m ready to jump up and down because he keeps taking my hands. I can’t handle much more of this. I keep my mouth shut, but barely.

He growls, my heart racing faster, "Take this gun. Find the dragons. I know you have the ability. "

I take a black revolver and go into the warehouse that was hidden under a trap door in the shack. I walk in first, everyone following me. I have no idea what to look for!

I find claw marks and follow them for a while. A man jumps out with a bloody knife. Who does that? He seems crazy, his eyes pointing two separate directions and mouth foaming.

He smiles like he's pooping. I scream so loud he hits the ground. The boss comes beside me and we go on.

How old is this guy? I follow deeper claw marks right to a cage. It’s empty, but I see claw marks, blood, and gore on, in, and around the cage.

The man goes BETWEEN the bars and goes in.

Between the bars! He winks at me and the employees coo, “OOHHHHHH!” He gives them a look that chills me to the core, and I wonder how old he is again.

He smiles at the emptyness and coos, "Little one... Shhh.... "

He's no perso! He is a Ser Rider!

They can find hidden objects and the hidden side of people. Anything hidden.

DO NOT engage them in hide and seek.

My mind wanders and I examine the building. The warehouse is leaky and the red cement floor is sticky in this area.

It's uber creepy. Guts hang from the ceiling and blood drips onto the floor and adds a stale odor to the air. It makes me want to be sick.

I turn and start running, my instincts going nuts and calls me somewhere. The boss smiles. I now see the blue Invi Dragon on his shoulder.

They are pretty much invisble, cats with bat wings. Not very big either.

The man jogs to catch up. He never even starts sweating ad he comes up beside me.

He has that gleam in his eyes and a serious look on his face.

He whispers, "Find them for me. "


I growl, "Out of my head. "

He stops cold and turns seven shades of embarrassed.

I growl when he catches up, "That is for your office, Mr. Bossman. "

He warns, "Stop it. "

I tease, "Boss... "

He cries, voice echoing off the walls, "ENOUGH!"

I finishy, "E. "

I'm awefully good at making people angry. He's very easy to make mad. He’s scarlet and no longer smirking like he was before.

JELLY BEANS! I just walked into a cage with a wild thing. It's a scaleless dragon. Yes. You heard me. Sans scales. It sees me and coos with wide eyes. It has no wings. Just sockets.

It has golden eyes and three legs. A Forest Dragon. It’s hunched in the corner, bleeding and wide eyed. She has so many puss filled, leaking scars, I wish I could heal them all.

I ask, dying inside at the sight, "Now what? "

The boss man smiles and replies, "Take this collar and put it on her. "

I do and hand the leash to a beefy man with a tender smile. I hop out and the boss man grins.

He replies, "I think you and I will get along just fine. "

I ask, "Oh. Is that so? "

He replies, "Yes. As a dragon... "

I stop. He turns his head to me and smiles I look closely. He has dragon teeth. The seraded tips are unmistakeable.

He cocks his head and replies, "I didn't lie. I am Perso. I was a dragon, but a bit... I mean witch turned me into this. "

I nod and ask his name.

He replies, "Percy. "

I nod. That explains a lot.

Percy and I locate six dragons. He declares it clear but I keep going. There's red stains on the floor. Percy goes to move out but shoots me a weird look. Like I shouldn't go in there.

I open a door and chains start to rattle.

Percy suddenly collapses in a scream of pain. My insides churn sharpely and I want to throw up at the sound of his pain. I walk in and a beast screams and the chains rattle louder.

I feel a collar in my hands. I turn the dimmer up slowly as not to hurt the dragons' eyes.

Now it's my turn to scream.

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