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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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Shadows crash around to drown out the sound.


The shadows seem to come crashing down all around.

The sounds, oh the sound.

The yelling, the screams, forever imbedded as they pound.

I regret ever hearing that sound.

It made my world go crashing down.

It forever will send me crashing down.

The shadows seem to come crashing down all around,

The sounds, oh the sound.

Shadows can't talk around,

Otherwise they would find

I enjoy their company from time to time.

More often then not, the darkness climb.

I want to step into the light,

But my heart is bewildered by fright.

The shadows come crashing around,

The sound, oh the silent sound.

Those crashing shadows are not responsible for my pain,

It's the dark memories embedded in my brain.

The blackouts,

The endless, mindless shout.

The shadows become the crashing sound,

The only sound, oh the sound.

The shadows crash down,

Break down,

Locked down.

The light is blocked now.

The light is only perceived.

When I let it in, it isn't light I receive.

It's just a sugary darkness,

Masked by the heartless.

Becuase the shadows don't crash around,

They barely make a sound.

It's just a soft weeping sound.

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