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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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I'm sorry,
Are you?
Or are you not even gonna worry?


Am I desperate because I want to say I'm sorry?

I know you do not care, but I still don't want you to worry.

I was wrong to ice you without an explanation.

I can't believe I ever reached this station.

Two ways remain.

And it drives me insane.

Am I desperate to say sorry?

I don't want you to worry.

I don't want to bury,

Our friendship in such a hurry.

Do you miss me to?

Or are you not even blue.

I wonder this often,

Was it a mistake to trust then?

I don't care if I'm being desperate by saying sorry,

I don't want to have to worry,

That you are waiting for me to say sorry.

The lines are getting blurry,

The ground is rising in a hurry,

Maybe it was a mistake to fall.

That perch was aweful tall.

This could have been my worst mistake of all,

I'm not desperate at all,

I just thought it was safe to fall.

Now I want to say sorry,

Now you don't have to worry.

I should learn to stretch my wings before I fall,

Otherwise I will hit the floor,

Because my wings can't open at all.

Now, I have to close the door.

Maybe I was desperate once,

But not anymore.

I found my wings once more.

The sky is so blue,

There is too much left to do,

So I cannot be chasing after you,


I can't keep falling for you.

The sky is too blue,

To hit the ground because of you.

I am sorry I worried you.


The Heart You Broke so Clearly.

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