Silent Songs
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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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Just some day to day feels

Silent Songs

I smile at you,

But as you usually do,

You don't see me.

The world doesn't spin around me,

I'm not the core of this fragile balance,

That's clear to see.

I try to talk to you,

But you just back away,

Or ignore me, as you do.

I don't know what to say,

To get the ball rolling.

I've never tried calling,

But texts always fall flat,

Like a can of soda,

Left open for days.

No flavour,

Just sickly haze.

I close my eyes,

And let my head rock back,

My locker holds up against my weight.

I continue to wait,

Hoping to find my crew,

Because what else can I do?

I sing a silent song,

In this noisy throng,

Of friends and foes alike.

Nobody seems to hear me.

Then, I hear something.

An invitation?



You invite me to hang out,

What is that about?

I'm greatful to you,

It wasn't something you had to do.

I just hope,

You can cope,

With having a person like me around.

I don't take you as the type who would ground,

Our friendship into the dirt.

Even if you aren't the one,

I was thinking of when this begun.

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