One For The Road
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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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The wind pulls me back like a steady hand, A loving command.

One For The Road

The wind pulls me back like a steady hand,

A loving command.

'Don't lean too far!"

It calls with a laugh.

Beneath me lay a sparkling bath,

The mighty sea.

Oh, can't you see?

The sea salt is like a remedy,

It soothes me like a melody.

The trees rustle behind me,

The forest tall, behind me be.

The railing is cool on my fingers

When the sea salt begins to linger.

My head falls back in a sigh,

Now I remember why,

Why I'm out here tonight.

I'm staring at the stars,

Away from noisey cars.

We made it,

The end of the world's fit.

This is my home,

It's like a honeycomb.

The wind blows to the sea,

The sea calls me,

The trees behind me be,

And the stars instill wonder in me.


Why did I never come sooner?

This image in my mind,

It's one of a kind.

I just want to run there,

I know one day I'll get there.

My fingers on the rails,

What this entails.


All my rusty tales.

Told to death,

In a gentle wind's breath,

My life is changing now,

Like the sea under the bow.

Laping up,

Racing back,

My heart is racing against the tac.

The wind,

The sea,

It lights sparks in me.

The forest is still a mystery.

The stars surround me.

I lean forward,

I'm done being a coward.

My heart is at ease,


I don't know anything more like home


The image flashes on,

Then I'm gone.

The world has grown faint.

This image is quite quaint.


Why am I here?

Life holds me dear.

I tried too much,

Now I am firm in it's clutch.

Why am I here

Dreaming of the sea?


Of all the things that may come to be,

I hope I end up by the sea.


Of seas and stars,

Away from noisy cars,

I hope I make it there one day.


I wanna be there one day.

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