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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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My letter to a certain someone, from the darkness of my heart. Read with caution


Where is my home?

I went too far,

I was told not to roam.

I went too far from home.

I got into a magic car,

I found Neverland again,

Now my progress is down the drain.

The split is wider,

The space between is wilder.

Where is home?

My heart,

It is ripped apart.

I found a home,

But my family is not here.

All that remains is what was forced to roam.

I lost three, or more, of those I held dear,

All becuase I roamed for the truth,

In place of a lethal sluth.

A ninja I be,

Many trageties I see.

The plans of monsters,

Playing the roles of men.

The monsters where the other few,

Who had crueler things to do.

My home, my life,

All ripped into strife.

Where is my home?

It is not from where I used to roam.

Home is where my family is.

But what if my family has been destroyed with a sickening fizz?

My family is gone,

With two conflicting songs.

The songs the story of two,

Opposites at the end,

Broken from the love that lovers send.

The torn up scorn,

The relationship turned to thorn.

Where is my home?

I'm glad I decided to roam.

I may have lost my home.

I found the truth,

Without ruth,

It told me what had occured.

The secrets, the plans,

All burnt into the pans.

The socks,

The rocks,

My life is gone.

What I used to know,

Is falling down like broken snow.

I lost my past life,

My poor father lost his loving wife.

And now we're left to cry,

To sigh,

To eternally wonder why.

Why wasn't it enough?

Was it all a bluff?

Where is home?!?

It is an outrage no one else dare roam!

Find the truth!

Step away from your comfort booth.

The truth will hurt,

No comfort it will assert.

But at least you will know its' name.

Then you know the stupid game.

Be safe,

My friend,

Until the end.

Do not let the lies chafe.

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