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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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To fly in the sky, To forget all the reasons why.


To fly in the sky,

To forget all the reasons why,

With no more tears to cry,

Where the wind breaths out a sigh,

Wouldn't it be grand?

To take adventure by the hand?

The sky isn't my limit,

I can't wait to find it.

The world is so far below me.

The sky is farther than I can see.

The wind is in my hair,

And my hands stretch into the air.

Baby, wouldn't it be great?

Let's take a leap of fate.

My clothes are pulled by the wind,

I left the monsters that had me pinned.

The way I sway in the breeze,

It puts my heart at ease.

I've got the keys,

Come on, flying is a breeze.

The world is a mass of blue and green,

If you look down,

That's all to be seen.

There isn't a visible town.

All the lights are turning green,

Time for me to go and never be seen.

When the world is lost,

I guess it's what it's cost.

I can stand,

Even when they abandon me in this land.

I can smile as my feet embrace the sand.

All alone I can stand.

Oh, isn't adventure grand!

My life is a trail of broken tiles,

And smashed piles.

I know how to survive,

I can stay alive.

If you push me out,

Don't expect me back.

You don't need to shout.

I'll go pack.

On the wind,

No monsters can have me pinned.

I forget all that's been.

The world continued and spun,

Because the story's just begun.


The story has just begun.

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