Faint of Heart Chapter 1
Faint of Heart

Chapter 1 winter stories
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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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I'm not special like you. I'm not magic like you.

Faint of Heart Chapter 1

I shiver in the cold, my heart in my mouth. I should be used to this by now. My heart surges to keep me warm as I rise to my feet.

I take a frosty breath and brush black and red hair from my scarlet eyes. I blink and look around. Winter here is shitty, crappy, and every word in between. The only difference is the view.

Snowy streets covered in what appears to be sugar and glitter, the snow piles high in the park and covers the benches and pine trees that line the walkway,

the image is one that belongs in Holly fucking Wood, not a corrupt shithole like this. I shake the snow off my jacket and take to more of what I, Percy, do every day.

I stray from one spot to the next until I find a place to be between straying. I feel the snow under my boots and my rage keeps me warm(er) as snow whistles around me.

I hear voices penetrate my beloved silence, my best friend. The voices are that of a happy couple. The man sees me and looks at his cup.

They’re the classic HollyWood couple, dark man and light woman. In passing, he dumps the cold beverage over my head. I gasp in horror as the cold restricts my lungs.

I feel myself start to shake as I go on, my body having an intolerance to cold. I approach the main drag, and lower my gaze. I don’t need the criticism today. I’m already cold and sticky.

I hate cold coffee, but it’s worse when it’s hot. Trust me. Much worse.

I stare at black boots and torn, black jeans as I glide down the street. I bump into someone, and feel a jolt pass between us. I look up and I freeze solid…

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