Down Time
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shadow I'm back, but I've changed a bit.
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You're stronger than you know. Inspired by 'Circles' by Pierce the Veil

Down Time

The quiet rings out around me,

What a beautiful sound.

Colours rest in my hands,

Songs ready to paint the white noise into a beautiful mirage.

With my headphones I can face the barrage,

Life telling me who I am,

But the drums go BAM,

And no one can deny that sometimes we don't know,

Who we are yet,

But I would bet,

We'll get there.

Silence is sometimes suffocating here,

Silencing my thoughts,

But not my fears.

They try to draw out some tears,

But I won't let it go.


They can't destroy me.

I've faced them before,

I'll do it again.

They can't force me to be,

Something I'm not.

Labels fall off like leaves in the fall,

They keep trying to call,

Call me names.

Too bad they forgot,

A moving target is hard to hit,

With the words and hate,

They throw at me.

The smart ones know I can be chill,

Yet they miss the fact,

I have racked,

My mind on why the silence comes so easy to me.

It's a part of who I seem to be.

I don't remember the one who was here before,

They got hidden by the war,

Ragging in my head.

There the silence fled,

Because I have books to be read.

Who knows why,

The silence chose to sigh,

And follow me like an old buddy of mine,

But that's fine.

We'll be us,

And if that means we'll be apart,

We'll know deep in our heart,

It was for the best.

If the rest,

Turn us away,

Hate us with passion,

We can smile with impeccable fashion.

They don't know what we're up to.

We aren't monsters,

Or the blood craving taunters.

We're people too,

With better things to do,

Than listen to their hate,

And lies.


It's okay if we let out a few cries,

It doesn't make us weak.

We just tweak,

Our approach.

We have to stay fighters,

Pulling those all nighters,

Facing our fears,

With the force of all our tears.

We can't let evil win,

They can't tell us who we have been,

Or who we are.

Even if we forget where we've been,

We won't stay down.

If we fall,

That's alright.

They don't realize who they've hurt.

They dig us into the dirt,

But we have a plan.

Not revenge,

Just to show them who we are,

And that we can be strong if they aren't with us.

They called me a monster,

I never meant to hurt her,

But still they let me go.

But they always say,

Never miss the sun until it starts to snow.

I'm working on getting on track,

And with that I need to go,

Get back to the reality,

That seems to be,

Chill in the silence.

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