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Is love only for humans?

My love

by seventeenly

Water was pouring from the sky, the day i saw her for the first time. I was strolling at the side of the street but no one cared except for her.

My vision was blurred but i can surely feel her coming towards me. She was like sunshine making its way through the leaves.

She took me to her house and dabbed me till i was dry. I could feel the warmth of her hand, brushing against my little body.

It's been a long time, since that day and i am living with her. Neither did I left her, nor did she.

She used to shout at me for certain things like leaving my paw art on top of her counter or shattering the teddy she adored, into pieces.

She didn't liked my surprise gifts, like a dead mouse , which i kept on top of her when she would be half asleep.

We had our share of sad days but we always managed to cheer each other up. I stopped giving her gifts, when i realised she hated them.

She's my love in the form of a human. But.....

She's getting married today and i fear that her love for me will decrease.

She came over to me early this morning. While caressing my head she said - "i want you know that i love you and I'll never leave you "

Even though i was feeling drowsy, i wanted her to know that she means the world to me. I wanted to her tell that i love her too, but the only words that came out of me were "meow"

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