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Memories are the things that stay with you, even if the person you shared it with don't.

Beautiful memory

by seventeenly

Saw you in the seminar, for the first time.

We were in the same group.

You were the intelligent one, coming up with all the answers.

The day ended like any other.

You would cross my path sometimes.

But we never really talked.

One day, my friend told me that someone likes me.

Out of millions of people, your name crossed my mind.

I hadn't realised until then,that I like you.

It has been a year since then.

With time, I thought , this feeling will cease to exist.

I was wrong.

Seeing you in the streets, even for a split second would make me smile.

I started liking the way you look from over your glasses.

The way your lips curve when you smile.

The way you dance, like no one's watching.

The way you slightly pat on your friends' shoulder.

Love the times when you would cheer for me in my games.

The times when our eyes would meet.

Times when I would find you staring at me and you would look away.

All these times I never realised how my infatuation turned into something beautiful.


Still, we are strangers.

Strangers with beautiful memories.

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