To Myself in 2078
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serenitywing I am a hobbyist flash fiction writer.
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A letter to my 84 year old self.

To Myself in 2078

Dear future self in 2078,

As you know I am very afraid of the future. That is because of the chaotic politics and family tragedies of the year 2018. But there is also hope in my mind.

I think: "The future will be bright and colorful in 2078."

Technology will be fast as the speed of light, the humans are going to be more peaceful with each other. These two thoughts bring the peace of mind back. I hope that, at least.

However, I will be an old woman in 2078 because I was born in 1994. In 2078, my age will reach 84 years. But I also think that Sailor Moon will be for real since at least 2078 or even earlier.

Yes, I am a huge fan of the pretty guardian in a sailor suit. So I believe that Sailor Moon will be a real person in the far future. I know that sounds very crazy.

Without dreams humans would be very boring, though. Wouldn't be?

So, I wish the best for you in 2078 because the future comes faster than you think!

Kind regards

Your present self in 2018.

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