Keeper of the Run
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Change is eternal never fear the run.. RS Wolf

Keeper of the Run

A peaceful strength I possess

It's only cost, loneliness

For there is no one to while the day

There is no one to share the way

I still smile in the sun

Smile each day as I run

And still I feel the hollowness

For without a sharing what point is this?

No one to listen, no one to care

No one to taste the fruits to bear

From dusk to dawn I hunt alone

And feel the cold chill the bone

In hope that one day a dawn will come

Where I will not have such a need to run

Where I can feel calm again

Can sit and listen to the wind

For now, alas I must go

Along the dark and winding road

There is no fear for that has passed

I am road I am the task

A world abounds around my eyes

Tears will be shed and yes, I will cry

There is no shame in feeling I know

Trudging away from the fallen snow

The sun will come once again

Faltering only in shadows kin

Riverbeds and oceans great

I will travel them all and be not late

Time will wait for no mans heart

Lucky for me, I have a head start

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