More than my own life
More than my own life with him stories

serendipia just another soul on earth.
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A little story, based on real events? Maybe.

More than my own life

-you can’t say that- he said. -why not?- I replied. -you just can’t- he said again, without looking into my eyes but holding me tight. -J, I love you more than my own life, I mean it-

-what happens if I die? You can’t say that, you wouldn’t die with me- I couldn’t answer anything, there was a silence that he interpreted quite well. -no- he still did not look at me in the eye, but I could hear in his voice a tone of total security, mixed with fear. As someone who knows very well what he says, but the final result does not depend on him.

-I didn’t even say anything!- I laughed. Although I knew that I didn’t needed to say anything, my answer was given with my silence. -all I know is that, you’re not only the man who I’m willing to give my life for... but you’re also the man who I would live for- Love, 𝓚.

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