Tea Time #3
Tea Time #3 historyofme stories

septiccat Mending hearts since 2004♥
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spill some tea here....a little there..... and how about some from my past spilled in this post?

Tea Time #3

Hi I'm baaaaaaaaaack! and first order of business I got a sunburn on my nose :( (this is not the best camera)

Second: I promised you guys a pic of my sketchbook so here it is!!!! (next page)

and now the third and final order of business the tea I'm about to spill is about my past and is a little emotional for me so everything I say from this point on is what happened in the past lets get to it

so I have a secret that I haven't shared with you Evelyn my sister is actually only halfway related to me, She is my father and stepmother's baby

you may be wondering 'what about your mom?' lets talk about that......

My mother no longer has custody over me or my younger brother, she lost that right but before that she did something that I hope never happens again

she made me, let me repeat that m.a.d.e me pack up my stuff and go to Dayton, Ohio a city and state where I have no known family(besides her and my brothers) and I never got the choice to either go with her or stay where I had family and friends aplenty.......... I cried the day we left

the school I had to go to was called Ruskin (the background is an actual picture) I started halfway through the school year I didn't know anyone there and worst of all my mother didn't care

my mother didn't spend any time with me at all and here is a true fact: I am her only daughter so she should care about me and cherish my existence right? Wrong so so wrong

she was forced by the friend she had who I grew up calling 'aunt' to even be in the same room as us they had nightly fights about this

my 'aunt' was pretty cool to me near the end of our time together in ohio my mother made another friend and she had a dog that we helped name the dogs name was c,c because she was a black and white dog so of course us being us we named her after cookies and cream

after the school year ended we were told that our grandparents were going to take us back to oklahoma for the summer I was so exited and I had missed them so much so we packed some stuff that we wanted to take with us and went back to the place I call home

I was so happy just to be back in my small town and later in the summer my dad asked us a strange question: would we rather stay in oklahoma or go back to dayton? of course I chose to stay here and I'm glad I did

that summer my dad went to court to fight to keep my brother and I with him let me tell you something: my mother didn't even show up to the courthouse claiming that she was 'busy' my dad won the case and here I am in the only place I would ever call home the end

A/N: oof long tea spill but I wanted to tell you guys but also there is one thing I didnt tell you, I haven't seen or heard from my mother in 4 years, I bet she wouldn't even recognize me now anyways I'm home and happy to be so goodbye for now and have a wonderful evening ~SepticCat

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