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tododeku fanfiction


so I'm bored, and when I'm bored I write fanfiction, this will be told from Shoto's POV unless I decide to change it.

As I was walking back from the store I noticed something unusual in one of the many alleyways I passed,

there was a smaller green-haired boy cowering in front of a slightly taller ash-blonde boy. Both were wearing black uniforms with bronze buttons.

"ah! I'm s-sorry Kacchan!" the green haired boy stuttered "damn Deku what makes you think you can be a hero?

you're nothing but a quirkless bastard!" the ash blonde boy started producing explosions from the palms of his hands, getting closer to the green haired boy with intent to harm.

I quickly set down my groceries and got in between the ash blonde boy and the green haired boy, quickly grabbing the ash blonde's wrist and pinning it behind his back "who the hell are you!"

he shouted trying to get free "just a concerned citizen ensuring that nothing illegal happens, are you alright?

" I turn my head to the green haired boy, directing the question at him "y-yeah, t-thank you...."

"Shoto Todoroki" I answered his unspoken question as I released the ash blonde boy "T-Todoroki, as in Endeavor's son Todoroki?"

the ash blonde boy seemed shocked "yes, Endeavor is my father" I responded, after getting that bit of information,

the ash blonde boy ran off and I turned to face the green haired boy "is what he said true? were you really born without a quirk?"

I asked as I helped him get to his feet "y-yeah, I'm Izuku Midoriya by the way" he reached up and brushed the hair out of his face,

only for more to fall in its place "would you like me to walk you home Midoriya-san?

this area is pretty dangerous at night" I offered, not wanting to leave him by himself, should the ash blonde boy return "s-sure Todoroki-san,

thank you" he smiled up at me as we exited the alley, picking up my groceries and heading in the direction of Midoriya's home "I-I wanted to thank you again for helping me with Kacchan,

he hates the fact that I want to go to U.A. too" he confessed "really? are you sure? U.A. has a low acceptance rate" I was curious to know why he wanted into U. A.

"y-yeah I know, but its where great heros and heroines graduated and I'd like to walk the same halls as them, I-I know its close to impossible because I'm quirkless,

but I have to try" his eyes burned with determination and his fists clenched "well, good luck then" I nodded my head, he looked surprised "y-you aren't going to tell me that I should give up?

o-or that I can't do it b-because I'm quirkless?"

he looked at me, trying to see past my emotionless mask "no, I'm not, instead I'm going to offer to help you get ready for the entrance exams" "r-really? you'd do that for me?

b-but I'm a quirkless nobody a-and you, you're the son of Endeavor, w-why would you help me?"

"because I see potential in you, potential that you may not even see in yourself, and I want you to reach your dreams" I smiled at him,

realizing I may be the first person to try and actually help him "t-thank you Todoroki-san" he smiled as we reached his house "oh! c-can I get your phone number?"

he turned around "oh yeah, its - - - - - - - - - - - -,

message me real quick so I know its you" he quickly sent me a text and I saved his number under Broccoli Boi (Deku's was Peppermint) and then we quickly said goodbye and I watched him enter

his home before I turned in the opposite direction and went back to the Todoroki estate.....

to be continued?

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