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sependirity lost soul with a love for words
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I will love, I will be impassioned, and I will survive.


Crashing waves give me swells of love and within them my soul dances to the beat of the universe, but will I ever know the true rhythm if my home does not lie in my heart but in my future?

My future where happiness clings to the edges of everything, from pearly white teeth to the dark nights of quiet heaven between arms and waking up to bacon, maybe toasting bread, sea salt in my hands to season my life.

Do not deny me my future.

My future where I love, where I live, where my family is kind and giving and patient and never faltering in their faith in passion.

My future where I am in love with living once again; my future where nothing bad matters because I can make it through with my heart on my sleeve because my daughter -

my son -

my offspring and my lover of no perfect paragon will help me, they will stand with me, they will force me to make it because they adore their life with me as much as I adore them.

And we will be the ocean, the world will be our shore, and we will take it by the tides to control our fates and show our passion to light up the dark side of the moon.

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