But it’s lonely without you (ch 1)
But it’s lonely without you 
(ch 1) stray kids stories

seonghwatiny kanghyun w/ blue hair 🥺💕💕
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Collab with @iflyseungmin !!! I’m excited to see how this turns out <3 ~iflyseungmin (I’m on her account rn lmao)

But it’s lonely without you (ch 1)

When Seungmin said he was a morning person, he meant it. Having the silence of the morning to himself was like the calm before the storm. Literally.

When the other members were awake, chaos broke. Everyone scrambling to get food before practice started, Chan yelling at everyone to shut up so he could make his coffee peacefully, Jisung- being the crackhead as always. Jeongin wouldn’t be too loud, surprisingly... oh wait, the dolphin screech.

This morning was a quiet one. Today was the band’s day off, meaning no one had to get up at the same time, no one would be too loud, and Seungmin could have his morning to himself.

Though today, He slept a bit longer than expected

Seungmin had woken up late, at exactly 11:32 am. He groaned at the sticky note on his forehead, and then whined louder when he saw one stuck to his stuffed dog, Daengmo. He read the note.

“Everyone’s gone out but Felix decided to stay. He might’ve run out for some shopping when you wake up, but other than that he’ll be here.” ~Minho :)

Seungmin rolled his eyes, seeing what he’s written on the other one stuck to Daengmo. “IF FELIX AINT HERE, DAENGIE CAN WATCH YOU AND MAKE SURE YOU DONT GO W H A C K!!!” ~Minho again :)

Getting up and discarding the sticky notes, he made his way to the living room to check if Felix was there. Luckily, he was, half asleep with his phone resting lazily in his hand, earbuds in.

Seungmin smirked, sneaking up on the Aussie and then jumping on him with a laugh. Felix screeched, phone flinging out of his hand.

“Minnie!” Felix whined. “I was comfortable...!”

Seungmin laughed again. “Morning Yonboku”

Felix grinned at the nickname. Though he didn’t necessarily like being called his Korean name (at least not by the staff) Yongbok, he made an exception with his best friend. Seungmin was goofy, and he came up with all sorts of names for Jeongin and his hyungs.

“You’re such a dog—“ Felix scoffed playfully, trying to push Seungmin off of him. Seunfmin locked his arms around Felix’s waist, refusing to budge. “Come on Min, let me up!!”

“I dunno you seemed pretty-“ mimicking the way the older said it earlier, “comfortable..”

“Yeah but with you on top of me it’s not, you lump of- I don’t even know what!”

“But...” Seungmin mumbled the last bit under his breath.

“But what?” Felix smirked.

“But it’s lonely without you...” Seungmin said it a bit louder.


“Aww, sappy”

“Shut up!”

“I’m kidding! You know I’m always here anyways, right?”

Seungmin nodded. “Yeah.” His grip loosened.

“And we have all the time in the world to hang, yeah?”


“So... get up so we can go some places today. The others are out so why not?” Felix smiled, as Seungmin’s eyes went wide and he nodded frantically.

He got off Felix and ran to his room to change quickly, after yelling a short “YOU DRIVE!”

Felix shook his head. “You really are such a dog.”

Getting in the car, Seungmin connected his phone to the Bluetooth and started playing whatever came on his phone (probably day6 but shh-)

“So where to?” Felix asked, expecting some detailed answer from the youngest hyung. Seungmin looked back at him and grinned widely.

“Surprise me.”

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