Jikook ( fanfiction) I love you pt 1
Jikook ( fanfiction) I love you pt 1 jikook stories

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My first jikook fanfiction i hope you like it. it's about jimin and jungkook .

Jikook ( fanfiction) I love you pt 1

Jimin felt like he was in heaven, he could never have believed it was so good to have sex.

He had chills all over his body and his heart was beating at a breakneck pace.

He couldn't keep his eyes open that how intense the pleasure was .

His body was shaken with spam and moved in rhythm with jungkook's.

He had never felt such a sensation before, nothing to do with the tiny pleasure he gave himself with the help of his hand, no! It was something else, something that we could not explain .

You have to live it, feel it to understand.

ok he wasn't gonna say that it didn't hurt in the beginning, but the pain gradually disappeared leaving room for pleasure.

He couldn't help moaning, shouting, groans of pleasure.

He couldn't control them, he tried to keep himself from screaming with his hands but nothing worked, he couldn't.

It was like vital, he had to do it !

Jungkook on the other hand did nothing to help him, making him feel so good, moving so fast and sinking deeper into him every second.

Touching the most sensitive part inside Jimin's .

He did not stop touching this small, but delicious place deep inside him.

He continued his ride despite jimin asking him to stop or go more slowly.

But deep down, jimin didn't really mean what he said.

He said he wanted jungkook to stop or at least slow down his movements but that was not really what he wanted.

In fact he didn't want it to stop, he wanted it to continue, for jungkook to go harder, faster, deeper inside him.

He then began to move his hips.

jungkook loved it. He thought that it felt good . No ! he thought that jimin felt good, his inside was warm, welcoming and terribly narrow .

The flesh so moist and warm wrapping around his member and compressing it, he did not even know how he had managed to hold back all this time.

Jimin inside was so good that each time he went in and out of him he thought he almost came.

It was incredible, intoxicating, he no longer even knew how he managed to do it with his other partners, nor how he was attracted to them.

To tell the truth, he had never really enjoyed sleeping with them, men like women.

But with jimin it was not the same.

With his overnight partners he only had sex, fucked them and never contacted them again .

But jimin was different, he wasn't fucking ! He was making love and these were two completely different things.

Jimin wasn't an overnight partner, but his partner, the one by his side and whom he hopes will remain so.

Jimin was now everything for him, "his family".

He only wanted to take him in his arms, protect him and that for all his life.

He will never let anyone hurt him! Never again! He still remembered what had happened to him.

That time was kidnapped in from of his eyes and he couldn't do anything. That one time a year ago when they were at the airport coming back from a long tour.

So many fans came to welcome them and they were mobbed.

everyone was pushed , i was near jimin , i mean he was behind me when i suddenly heard like a muffled scream.

I turned back to see a hooded man taking jimin away, my first thought was to follow that man and save jimin but i couldn't.

So many people were all around us, i started screaming to everyone to stop, to stay away from me to be able to move and go helping jimin but no one were listening.

The bodyguards wasn't listening either pushing me telling me to keep walking. i was anxiety on the spot i just couldn't think of anything except of jimin.

At some point eventually i couldn't see him anymore.

That when we arrive at a safe spot that i started crying, screaming, telling everyone that we should go back.

And they didn't understand me until they noticed that jimin wasn't there and that i told them what i saw.

I wanted to go back but the guard told me to wait until the area become empty .

But that was such a stupid idea, to the time the fans go this man would have the time to go i don't know where with jimin.

And that's what happened. we searched with the help of police the whole airport and the neighborhood but couldn't find him. They decided to start an investigation for kidnapping.

I was feeling so powerless, if only i could have grab him. Police did they investigation and found jimin about a month after the incident.

He was in such a bad shape, his complexion wasn't good, was obviously tired and traumatized.

The man was also arrested it was a middle aged man , that had an obsession for jimin for a long time and made up a big plan to kidnap him.

I was so relieved when we found him, i thought i was never gonna see him again.

That month when he wasn't near me was the worst time of my life, i couldn't sleep, eat, do anything except thinking about jimin and where he could be.

I don't want to live that again.

I had promised myself to protect him at the risk of my life, I had promised myself before God.

Even if I don't pray often, actually not at all. I only told myself that if there really was a god, I would like him to fulfill three of my dearest wishes.

" I would like him to give me the strength to protect jimin " , " if it should happen to me misfortune and if I was no longer there to protect him,

i want god to do it for me " or " That wherever i would be, i want to have the ability to watch over jimin ".

Jimin was his beloved hyung that he wanted to protect forever. That's why he wanted to marry him.

For him jimin was the purest and most beautiful person.

After the incident jimin lost quit some confidence and had some hard time but was getting better and jungkook wanted to be her to help him, to be with him.

Even if the two were together and that everyone knew , jungkook was still asking himself if he was worth for his hyung.

Will jimin accept to marry him ? He knew they were quite young but he just wanted them to be together.

To be continued...

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