In the Mind of a Serial Killer
In the Mind of a Serial Killer
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seemarida I am a teen with a passion for writing!
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A free verse poem about a serial killer’s heartbreaking feelings..

In the Mind of a Serial Killer

I didn’t know what to do, but I just knew. It was time to stop. Grave after grave after grave.

What is wrong with me? I love them I swear they’re family. But they just keep ending up dead dead dead every time.

If only you could hear the crackling of their bones, or the smoothness of the knife as I carve out their skin, or the ripping and tearing sounds of their veins. That feeling of serenity runs through my brain.

Goosebumps crawl up my skin, blood drooping in, seeping out of their hearts, don’t you see, it’s hard!

This feeling never stops. I wish it could stop.

You see, this feeling gives me relief. You have to believe —me.

You see, I’m not like you, I’m just not the same. My brain, it’s not the same!

My heart, my heart doesn’t beat the same way. Just please don’t make me pay.

Broken hearts, broken bones. Devastated mothers waiting for their kids to come home.

They’re gone, all gone. All because of me...

Help me! Help me feel I just don’t think, don’t feel every time I kill — a soul, a precious human soul. Everyday I await their kids I swear I’m a troll.

Locked up in jail but they don’t know. Grab that knife against my throat. One more to kill.

I guess I’m not going home.

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