For Richard, I Hope You Have a Hernia
For Richard, I Hope You Have a Hernia poetry stories

sedehaven I am writer. Hear me starve,
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TW: rape, body stuff. Never let a man steal your voice.

For Richard, I Hope You Have a Hernia

When I spoke about hernias, and exactly how our neatly ordered intestines can go rogue,

falling into spaces that are never supposed to contain them-

I got loud enough for you to remind me

that I am too fast, too loud, and too passionate

about something so distasteful-

so disgusting and banal.

Meanwhile, I never spoke about the bruises blooming

like organs through tiny holes-

I never spoke of the invasion of your cock

into my flaccid, seizure-soft mouth,

where it never belonged-

I never spoke of the weight of you,

crushing my voice like a twist of tissue

until I was plain, and bloodless, and pleasing to you.

I talked about hernias, loud and fast, BRIGHT with joy,

until you told me to stop.

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