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secretsihave 15//Poems// TW // He/him
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I just wanted to be yours. I never was supposed to be.


I was only 'yours' Your one and only you said You have to be kidding me You loved the Idea of me The idea of 'yours' So I learned to be as consistent as clay So you could mold me with your words and fingertips

For so long You knew you could drop me Even though I was your 'baby'? That's how your baby gets brain damage You would know

I always thought It was my fault Never nice enough Never looked right Never going to be like that other girl Never happy enough Never sad enough Never good enough for you

I was 'your' broken boy that needed saved I was 'your' first love I was 'your' Favorite I was 'your' bitch ex I was 'your' ex that 'hurt you' I was 'your' one that you dropped anytime you decided I wasn't enough

Guess what I found out I was good enough for someone astonishing I found out I'm no longer 'yours'

- 'Yours truly' Your Ex

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