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I am a bird Well, at least a caged one


I am a bird

Well, at least a caged one

I try and fly away when things get to chaotic

but this cage will never let me

This cage is a prision

and i'm expected to enjoy prison while I watch the other birds

they are so free

they fly and sing and all seem so happy

but i'm not allowed to be sad about this cage

I'm supposed to be as happy as the other birds

I'm supposed to understand their pain

My wings are aching to be out there

my bounds of energy has me squawking

my life is only this cage

but I don't belong here

I belong to the sky

souring above the streets

pass the lights

feeling the and smelling the late spring air

singing along to whatever song that sounds fumiliar

but one day I will

I will be souring about the streets

pass the lights

and smelling the air of whatever season the weather brings me

one day

when I get out of this cage

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