Meet Me!!
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Hi! Come meet me 😁

Meet Me!!

Hi ! Here I'm gonna introduce myself.

- I'm female. 👧🏽

- I'm 14 and a Scorpio. ♏️

- I already know that some of these decisions I've made are really, really dumb but I'm still gonna tell y'all about them.

- I'm not going to give out my real name or where I'm from or live for privacy.

- Some of these things can be either pg, pg-13, or even R rated so I will give warnings with the title on the rating.

- My page is going to be a little bit of a blog on my life from my early years to my current.

This is all I can think of for now, and I'm really excited for this time were going to be spending together.

Later my little secrets logging off

, Secretgirl_

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