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This story is about my funny and messed up life... Hope you enjoy reading!!

This is me!!

by sebiera

All about me and my wonderful life of 15 years...

I am a reader, a friend to everyone and a nice person who doesn't bite!! I love to talk!! To anyone of you...

I am a white liar!!

Some situations in life have made me a liar... But I lie for the betterment of the people I love and myself... Sometimes it's better not to tell your parents, you have a crush when they don't li.

My parents are very conservative!! No boyfriends, affairs...

That also means, not allowed to talk to friends or have them at home, no parties, no chilling out.... Just studying... Disgusting...

I just read, read and read all day!

Try reading all kinds of stories, books on kindle, wattapad, libraries and in school!! They give me so much! Like.... True happiness? Don't they?

I am alays taking part in something at school....

I am in choir, in debates, rangoli, extempore, I am the head girl of the school and I love helping others... In fact we are meant to live for people around us...

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