Empathy_The perfect way of Love
Empathy_The perfect way of Love stories

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Empathy_The perfect way of Love

by sebiera

Love is eternal

Love is eternal, pure and dangerous.But empathy is kindness, love, help and goodness all manifested in one...

Empathy is all inclusive

In a world of bias and inequality, only selfless service to mankind and empathetic feeling towards all can save our race. We need to feel others and not just be kind.

Who are you?

You are creation of Him. And being yourself is described not by the amount but the quality of life You've lived...Thinking 'for' others and 'from' the heart of those around you...

Can you feel them?

They might be feeling something you can't imagine. so, Live and Let Live. Every unhappy person is a way of the universe to find out the best of people. So, feel them... Not everyone 's so lucky

How can we help?? Try to feel your enemies...

when you are angry at someone for hurting you, don't get fired up. Instead try to think about why they did what they did? Think calmly... It helps. take my advice for it...

I can't think of more advice

This is it!! hope you enjoyed it..And also learnt something... Thank you! Lots of love..:))

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