Dreams Do Come True (you chose to meet jack!)
Dreams Do Come True (you chose to meet jack!) markiplier x reader stories

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You're sixteen and your dream has always been to meet your heros. Mark, Jack, and Felix. When you do, what will you do when they end up fighting over you? Who will you choose?

Dreams Do Come True (you chose to meet jack!)

~Your POV~

You turn towards Jack, who was sitting alone, staring out the window. You stop in front of his table and clear your throat. His ice blue eyes shift from the window to you.

He then holds his hand out. You look from his hand to him and back to his hand with a questioning look.

He sighs in what seems like annoyance, "Well? Give me the paper and pen so you can get your autograph already." You blink, "Oh.." You start laughing. "No.. I don't want an autograph.

" His eyes widen as you continue to giggle, "You.. Don't want one..?" You smile, "I just wanted to talk.

" A pair of girls walk by whispering, "You think that's Jack's girlfriend? They look cute together.

" Your face goes tomato red as you yell after them, "We're not dating!!" A deep voice comes from behind you, "Oh, so you're free?" A hot breath hits your neck. You shiver and jump away.

Mark is standing there, grinning, with Felix next to him. Jack rolls his eyes, "Mark, back off." Lily and Taylor then walk over. You huckle nervously and in your neck, where the breath hit.

Jack is glaring at Mark and Mark is glaring right back.

Felix then speaks up, "Say, you want to join us?" Taylor jumps and speaks before you could, "Yes!" You smiles and drag Lily and Taylor along with you to the order area.

After all three of you order, you take your purchases back to their table and sit, while engaging in conversation.

After a while, Jack speaks to you, "Hey, we're going to this pre-pax party thing is you want to come." Everyone looks at you expectantly. You think before responding.

A/N~ sorry sorry sorry!! I know it's short, but I'm trying. Will you go to the party? (Part 7) or will you stay at the hotel? (Part 8) you decide!! I'll get to work!!

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