Dreams Do Come True (part 3)
Dreams Do Come True (part 3) markiplier x reader stories

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You're sixteen and your dream has always been to meet your heros. Mark, Jack, and Felix. When you do, what will you do when they end up fighting over you? Who will you choose?

Dreams Do Come True (part 3)

You woke to a huge bump in the road. "Uhhh..." The car comes to a stop. You look around. You're in a parking garage. Your mind goes blank for a minute.

"Where are we? Why are we here?" Lily and Taylor look at you like you just declared the world was ending. Then your mind recovers.

"OH MY GOD WE'RE FINALLY HERE!!" Everyone laughs and you jump out of the car, falling. You run to the trunk and yank it open. You grab the bag fulls of snacks and your suitcase.

You stand hopping from foot to foot waiting for everyone to get their stuff. You all then hurry into the airport. It is incredibly crowded.

Once you reach security, Lilly and Taylor walk ahead a little bit. You stay with your mom. "I'll be back in about a week Mom..." "It's ok I know. I'll be fine.

I have Lily's and Taylor's mom to keep me company." You laugh a little. "Yea... Thank you so much Mom. I love you." She smiles and hugs you. "Go. You're friends are waiting and excited.

" You smile. "Ok, Mom. Bye." You run to catch up with Lily and Taylor, but when you look back to wave, your mom is smiling with her eyes glistening with tears.

You look forward and step into security.

~Time Skip~

You sit down with a coffee in hand. The plane is boarding in about 30 minutes. You sip your coffee while scrolling through YouTube.

Jack made a video about the convention, Mark played part 2 of mirrored layers. You plug in your earbuds and listen to music.

~Yet Another Time Skip (I know I'm lazy)~

You wake with a sudden jerk. You take out your earbuds. Apparently, you fell asleep and Taylor woke you up. Everyone is boarding. You put your phone in your pocket and pick up your suitcase.

As you stand in line, with your ticket in hand, you think about what's soon to come. As you hand the lady your ticket, your hands get sweaty and clammy.

Either she doesn't notice or is too nice to say anything. Either way, she smiles sweetly at you and says, "Enjoy your flight." You mumble something along the lines of, "Thank you.

" You walk into the plane and put your bag under your seat. You then sit down by the window. You pull out your laptop and plug your earbuds into the jack.

You watch Youtube while the plane takes off and flies.

~(God I'm so lazy)Time Skip~

After you, Taylor, and Lily put your stuff up, you all decided to go to the nearby café. As you walk in, Lily gasps, and you see why. Your heros are here in this café. Mark is at the counter.

Felix is at the drink stand, filling up cups. And Jack is sitting at a table. Lily heads over to Mark, while Taylor goes over to meet Felix.

A/N~ well, I fell asleep multiple times.

Will you choose to go with Lily to meet mark? (Chapter 4) Will you go with Taylor to meet Felix? (Chapter 5) Or will you go by yourself to meet Jack? (Chapter 6) You choose! Hope you enjoyed!

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