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seablue Community member
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What happens to your loved one when you die.

For You...

My wish is to grant yours My heart aches for your approval To be loved by someone great

No more ifs, only when If I die No when I die

I wish someone will dream me a life Imagine who I was Not who I am

Care for me enough to miss Love me enough to remember Cherish me enough to acknowledge

Know that when I die People need to continue their lives I will watch over you my friends

Help in anyway I can Forgive the hurtful, mend the broken Tell you not to give up

My life means nothing compared to yours I would die everyday for you to have freedom You are my inspiration

The prayer that I need You shall harvest the good And throw away the bad

Because my heart needs you to go on Live a proper life Take nothing for granted

And you my love to know That I will care for you forever And protect you till the end

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