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sd95 Everyday, it gets a little easier.
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Home doesn't necessarily always have to be a place.


He throws himself out of his house looking for something to do, because four walls just couldn't keep his feet in place.

He lives for the rush in his body and the sun's rays on his face.

He gets along with everyone, and everyone with him.

but his second home is a bit different.

He locks himself in until his body felt like caving in.

He lives to look down and be pushed around.

He leaves everyone alone, and they push him further away.

He never meant to be a burden to anyone, but he barely stands up straight by himself anymore.

Thinking about too many yesterdays and tomorrows, all the midnight thoughts and sorrows.

He finds himself in his third home where he finally fits in.

Meeting great people, feeling wanted, and learning how to smile.

He learns how to fall in love, chase after love, then fall out of it.

He's alive again, but so are his thoughts and demons.

Every day, the same old cycle, Every night, the same sleepless nightmare.

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