School days crush
School days crush #love stories

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School days crush

New girl in the neighborhood

her hair aligned perfectly as it should

How am I going to start?

her eyes struck me like a dart

Her eyes rolled like dice

legs, french fries

Her perfume made me fly

stumping every guy

Cheeks, rice cakes

pretty gestures she makes

Her talks, crackling chips

voice, morning birdy chirps

I've heard this voice before

but I'm quite not sure

Heard 'Hi' from behind

sounded so kind

Is it my schooldays crush?

immediately tucked and did hair brush

For our surprise, we both were shocked

flashbacks, our minds were blocked

What am I supposed to do?

she used to like me too!

We both grinned

and laughed and conversed until dusk winds

After years of gap

we decided to start a new chap(ter)

To stick together till the end

as fate made us meet again to blend.

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