A marvel to behold!
A marvel to behold!  marvel stories

scpoetry Dark fantasy is my favourite <3
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Another Steampunk poem, yay! hehe

Feel free to tell me what you think :)

A marvel to behold!

Now Excuse me,

For I am to be excused;

For these words that I am about to yell and clearly pronounce,

For screaming out the name of the clock,

throughout these few pages!

A realization has come to me,

That I must point out;

It has become apparent to me,

That my mind has a fascination with clocks and time

It has become apparent to me,

That clocks are a beauty to me. (Well let us be honest here, I`ve known this about myself for a long time! But for the sake of this story, let us not dwell on this! Tick-tock, Time waits for no one, so let us carry on)

Not the digital clock,

But the analogue ones,

With cogs and gears, Those clocks of gold and silver, And intricate designs.

I own two mini versions of the keepers of time (Pocket watches)

They are unfortunately a bit busted,

The chains are all tangled up,

fortunately, they have not rusted.

The clock on my wall

Is of a copper colour

And the numbers are not of English,

But of Roman descent!

In these "Fine" times,

The humble clock is not worn on people`s hearts,

But it is worn on a person`s arms,

And on the desk beside their bed,

To go "Beep, Beep, Beep" when they think that the moon`s still in the night sky, but it would be in fact dawn

Yes, they keep you from sleep!

And now to answer the question of why I am so fascinated by this thing, That is called time, and of course the clocks themselves;

Time is a complicated and dark subject of intrigue , which I do find fascinating all on its own,

But perhaps "Style"

does also go into my cauldron of gears, complexity and poetry.

I had heard of a style called Steampunk( about 4 years ago)

And immediately took a shine to it, Mostly the music and style, ( Which I mostly do not wear), and also books when I can find!


Steam engines



And so much more.

A part of history

That never existed.

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