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I have something to tell you. It's important. Please listen.

Hello Me

I have something to tell you, but I'm kinda afraid that it will change your opinion of me.

No, no you don’t need to know my name. Don’t be rude! Now listen, I have something to say.

It’s about the other night, you know which one. I was sitting alone in my living room watching something… what was it? Ah, yes, television. I'm getting off track, try to keep up.

I was sitting there in my nighttime outfit. Not afraid, just alone.

My living room is just like any other I suppose, nothing special. I have a couch that is brown. I have a chair....it is also brown. Then there is the…what’s that again? Ah, yes, television.

Then… yes… then there is the window.

It’s a tall window, about 8 feet. Its narrow too with a single pane of glass.

It really would be an ordinary window in any other living room, except that until that night, it never used to be there before.

No, you can’t come to my house! Now PAY ATTENTION!!!

That night, that one night, the window just appeared. I wasn’t alarmed, not at first, just puzzled. I was oh so curious to see what was on the other side it.

And did it really need to be that tall.

So, I got up from my couch and walked over to it. did I mention that there were curtains hanging from it? no? Ok, well, there were red curtains hanging in front of the window.

which is just odd, because nothing else in the room is red. I mean, who puts red in their living room? It’s just absurd.

I wish you would stop looking at me like that, it’s not polite.

Back to my story, to what I must tell you.

I slid my fingers in between the curtains, they opened in the middle. My heart started to race....

“What was on the other side?” I whispered to my television.

As I slowly pulled back the one side of the curtain, I could see the moon outside. It was full and bright, it looked…moon like.

There was a yard, not a big yard, but a yard none the less with uncut grass and a graveyard of leaves. And beyond that... there was a field.

It looked like the field had been recently plowed, because there was nothing planted there. I really wish you would pay attention, don’t you know you're being rude.

I think your mother is going to be pissed when she finds out she has a rude child!

Anyway... back to the window. There was the moon, the yard, the field.... oh, I almost forgot.... this is important.

these things are far more interesting, when you realize that I live in the middle of town.

A rather large town actually, with buildings that have residents & people who pick up your trash.

Yes, I know it’s all very insane.

I live on the basement floor of an apartment building. So, you see, there simply cannot be a yard and a field, or even a moon outside of my window… which had never been there...

until that night, you know the one.

So, back to the tale. In this field stood a man. No, I don’t know what he looked like. He was more of like, a shadow, or, I don’t know, he looked man like OK?

Anyhow, he seemed to just be standing there, looking at me...through the window. I just can’t figure out why it was so tall, the window I mean.

I was frightened then, I didn’t know what he wanted or who he was. Didn’t he know that it was too late for visitors?

I closed the curtains and went back to watching… damn! …ah, the television.

But, I was curious and the window was still there and the things beyond it occupied my thoughts. So, I got up and looked again.

Ok, now this is the part where I want you to listen. please, please listen. it’s very important!

I slid my fingers down the middle. It opened in the center. I pulled back the curtain…

This time I saw the moon, still very moon like. There was the yard and the field… but, this time, the man was standing in the yard, only a few feet away.

Are you paying attention?

He still looked man like… kinda.

I was so scared at the sight, that I closed the curtain and ran back to the couch. I didn’t feel like watching... television. I was shaking and terrified.

what did he want? why was he looking at me? and why is the damn window so big? I wasn’t going to open it again. I swore it, I WASN'T GOING TO OPEN IT!!!!

Sorry, I don’t mean to shout.

So, I sat there trembling in my bedtime outfit. Just then, I heard a tap.

Tap…tap…tap, on the glass.

Now I know there are crazy people in this world, but trust me, I’m not one of them.


What did he want? Chills ran down my spine.

"It’s really too late for visitors!" I called out.


I couldn’t stop shaking, but I got up, walked over to the window and knelt down beside it.

Listen closely now, it’s all so very important.

I pushed my face into the divide of the red curtains, but not all the way through and whispered. "who's there?"

…No response. None at all.

Tap…tap… tap.

Now, I am a man, and I don’t like to admit it, but I pissed myself. Right, and what would you have done? FUCK YOU!


I leaned further in, this time I opened the curtain and my eyes.

His face was so close to the glass that I screamed! It didn’t look man like anymore!

Tears filled my eyes and my body convulsed!! "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" I shouted.

He grinned, it wasn’t a man like grin. Oh god, please help me…

Then I looked into the face of my demon, as he whispered…

"Hello me.”

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