As I Lay Dying

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not my fault

As I Lay Dying

by sar c bees

I was left at the bottom of my life

Restless; but breathless, and gasping for air.

There was something that took me back to the horizon

The same thing that took me back to those bonfires

And the songs we sang around them,

And the feeling of being on top of the world

It took me back to those long car rides,

long hugs

and long conversations

for fate had decided i'd lived quite too long.

I struggled to mutter "stay strong"

Which i thought were my last words.

I was told later that they weren't;

I didn't have any last words.

That's how it always seemed to be, i wasn't allowed to speak

even in death

My words don't matter, for i'm just a pretty face.

A beautiful painting above a warm fire place

now engulfed, and burned to the ground.

But what people don't know doesn't matter, right?

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really well written!