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In Bangladesh, we don't celebrate Halloween, but we have our own share of stories. This is based on my aunt's true experience.


It was a day before Halloween, I had a test to study for so I studied well into the night. It was midnight.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, at twelve o' clock in the night.

I thought that it was one of my sister's "boyfriends" who always rang the bell for no reason. My sister studied on the balcony and flirted with guys there. But, it was MIDNIGHT.

Bottling up my rage, I walked to the door....

There was no one there!

I went to the balcony and my sister wasn't there either

I didn't believe in ghosts but I did believe in jinns

Right beside our balcony there was a BANYAN tree.

I suddenly saw a white figure. I swear it was there, right under the tree. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I saw that it had no head or feet an it slowly began to float up and down.

I screamed and ran to my dad, he didn't believe me but he went with me anyway with the gun he always had under his pillow.

There was no one there (again)

The next morning, I told my sister everything that had happened, and she said that she saw it too. The..... thing under the banyan tree.

Only God knows what is happening under the banyan tree.

In Bangladesh, we don't celebrate Halloween. But we have our own share of spooky stories. This is based on my aunt's true experience that happened a day before Halloween and a week before my birth. I saw it too.

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