I saw them.
I saw them. mourning stories
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sayhitodaulCommunity member
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I saw them.

by sayhitodaul

when i saw them, i got a pit in my throat.

Because they left in the most horrible way ever. They were my family to me and meant so so much, I thought they thought the same.

We had so many good times together

we never fought we always got along, Were like family. I don't know what happened to that. They knew they were very important to me i would do anything for them.

One day they stop texting me

Just nothing as if i was never there. or if i didn't matter to them. They gave me their word on staying around.

We were never family.

I never did matter. to you.

I have to move on now.

they will never come back and tell me why they left me. What caused them to.

I hope these feelings pass.

I do hope this goes away. I am angry at them now the sadness is gone. now i am just mourning the lost of the close to family i thought i have had.

we're friends again

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