I don't know anymore. It might be the weather...
I don't know anymore. It might be the weather...  stories

sayhitodaulCommunity member
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My feelings

I don't know anymore. It might be the weather...

by sayhitodaul

This feeling i forgotten is back. The feeling of nothing...

I feel numb. I don't know if i feel happiness or sadness, it is like my feelings just stopped for me. I don't know when this happened.

It's a feeling i cannot explain.

It's as if my house is burning down, I don't know that it's happening. So i just sit and stare, Trying to figure out if i should do something or just sit and let it take me down in it.

I know this is not okay

But i keep letting it stay, when i shouldn't at all. I should be doing something to shake this numb off. But my life is dragging.

when will this stop dragging along.

mom was saying i should go get a job or go out more. but how would that work. When i can't enjoy anything anymore. I want to keep myself busy. But it is difficult.

My house is burning down slowly

What do i do.. the question i am asking myself every night. I am not depressed or happy...

It might be because of the weather.. or

because i am getting older and i realized that i am not living the way i thought i would be, Or that i am still alive by this age.. this is a sad existence.

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