Be it Dream or Reality
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sax Fiction is merely truth within the lie.
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A dream is nothing more than a whisper of the soul.

Be it Dream or Reality

To dream of a reality so distant from today, makes one ponder what life will be like once you wake. A cast assigned roles, played by actors on a stage.

Standing front and center in front of crowds under the beam of intrusive lights. Insecurities revealed, transparent to watchful eyes.

I'm a dreamer. But that's okay, because so are you. We strive for greatness and all things yet to come true.

No matter your passion, hopes and desires. Take hold of your dream and turn that spark into a fire.

Let it burn with determination and gather that resilience. One day you will discover we each share a unique brilliance.


Dream and believe.

It is only then, in reality our dreams will we achieve.

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