you won't unlock me

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saveourminds a torrent of feelings trapped in skin.
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my feelings towards a certain kind of psychologists.

you won't unlock me

by @saveourminds

even though psychology still lures me,

i've always hated psychologists.

not all of them, of course,

but those who hold the belief

that every action derives from one cause solely.

they play with your mind,

they trick you,

they fool you,

so that you admit something that isn't true,

and think that they saved you.

no, doctor,

i do not like poetry because i'm suicidal.

i do not like unicorns because i need to escape from reality.

i do not like "the great gatsby" because i identify with a character or two.

i like poetry because it's solid proof

that people don't need to be good at math or physics to be smart.

do you see the intelligence behind it?

the meticulous revision,

the precise choice of words,

and the careful placement of adjectives?

it takes a lot to like poetry,

let alone to write it.

poetry makes you feel so much more

than wanting to kill your self.

i like unicorns because of their paradoxical nature,

their inexistence is doubtless,

yet people still believe in them,

still love them,

and still act like they're real and magical.

i like the great gatsby because it's such a well-written book.

it's a book full of easter eggs,

a book that the more you read it, the more you realise,

a book that describes so many feelings,

from so many different angles.

and by no means do i identify with a character,

i am me,

i am a whole self,

a mystery of my own,

and you don't get to unveil me.

you won't unlock me.

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